Everyday Flow

Get in tune with better daily habits that support your highest self using flow.

Everyday Flow is a daily workshop created to help you live from a place of authenticity and joy. I mean, who wouldn't want that?! (gremlins come to mind but that is beside the point)

If you feel stuck or uninspired, and your days lack purpose then start by changing your daily habits. The smallest of habits can turn into major energetic shifts, and it starts with bringing awareness to your current state of being.

If you want to see major changes in your life like but not limited to...

  • Attracting Your Soulmate (bow chicka wow wow)
  • Change Career Paths (the world is waiting for your gifts)
  • Or you simply want to be happier (or happy for that matter)

I think a lot of people struggle and they're not sure why, or they’re so use to feeling bad they don’t even realize how much better their life could be. Life is about fun and joy, not suffering through each day until you die of boredom.

Growing and expanding is tough work and some people really fear it. I've seen it, I've felt it. I wanted to create something where people could dip their toes into self-healing by starting small. You crawl before you walk, and walk before run, am I right?

These simple changes are hugely effective. I strongly believe that after implementing Everyday Flow for even just month, heck a week, more doors will open for you, more opportunities will come to you and you will become unstoppable.

That's because your energy will have shifted and let me tell you, you will be insanely aware of this energetic shift, you will feel it in your bones. Your bones will feel in their bones, if that even exists. After this shift has taken place theres no going back to your old, false and painfully heedless life.

This is where your ah-ha moment takes place...

This course is for anyone who wants to create daily habits out of mindfulness, purpose and flow.

Flow is a reflection of your energy. When you're aligned with Source, you have direct access to flow. It's like the Universe’s guiding compass for us humans and you can use this compass everyday. Flow arrives when your aligned with your Inner Being. This is alignment is out natural state but its easy to get out of wack in today's society, and lose touch with ourselves.

Alignment is being spiritually aligned with the essence of your Inner Being, Source, God, the Universe, whatever you wish to call it. It is all the same energy.

When your vibration matches the vibration of Source, all your thoughts, words and action stem from this high vibrational place and flow is a beautiful symptom of all this! From this place of authenticity, you can easily attract incredible things into your life like your dream partner or a new career path. When your energy matches that of the Universe, the possibilities are endless and abundant. It is out natural state to wake up everyday feeling really good.

If you begin your day without any sort of ritual, without any sort of connection to the Universe, you are essentially entering the world "blind." This practice is designed to aid you in cultivating a daily practice where your words, actions and thoughts all stem from a place of purpose and alignment.

We are the creators of our own lives. Use flow daily to create mindfulness and purpose and see how your life changes.

This daily workshop is ideal for anyone who is starting out on their spiritual journey of self-healing and growth or anyone who simply wants a daily practice to keep their beautiful soul in check.

If your intuition is guiding you, then join me!


  • Lacks daily inspiration in their life.
  • Wants to create major changes in their lives
  • Feels lost and off the path
  • Feels like their days are unfulfilled
  • Lacks self-motivation
  • Lacks purpose
  • Lacks energy and vitality


  • Three videos
  • One day worth of workshop content
  • Five Journal prompts
  • Two guided meditations
  • Two exercise prompts


This entire workshop can be done in one day. But, this is a daily flow practice that should be done, to start, diligently 2-3 times a week for at least 3 months, to build the habit, with the end goal being an everyday practice.

Expect to spend about 20 minutes per day that you use the method, doing the journal prompts and listening to the guided mediations.

At the end of this course, you will have the tools and resources needed to get into flow and alignment on a daily basis.


*This workshop does not expire.

Your Instructor

Chelsea Jeheber
Chelsea Jeheber

I empower women to align with their Inner Being and master the mind using intuition, alignment, spirituality, and manifestation.

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